Sunday, August 11, 2013

Classroom Reveal! Where has this summer gone!

Hi Friends,
I have been B.U.S.Y. ... moving into my new(old) classroom, having my blog redesigned ... COMING SOON! (Thank you Entwine Design!), and attending High Ability parent meetings! I have also been working hard on my year long curriculum planning! Boy is that a task!

I'd have to say that organizing/decorating, designing and meeting is much more fun than curriculum! Here are a few pictures I took as I was beginning to organize all my junk treasures in my new(old) room! The really messy ones somehow got lost in the shuffle! [I decided to reformat my SD card in the middle of taking pics ... don't ask!]

After organizing, I began working on my bulletin boards. I L.O.V.E. interactive bulletin boards to build with my students ... this allows my kiddos to take ownership and really understand what we have displayed in the room. (more pics to follow as they get filled up!) As you can see below, I have one board for each subject! Complete with objectives and a place for vocabulary!

The objectives holder is simply a sheet protector that I sewed in half! G.E.N.I.U.S! I used red thread because that is what I had handy but you could use a clear thread so that it isn't as visible! As you can see I have one of these for each bulletin board! I am also working on a binder to house all of these lovely objective cards! Who does't LOVE organized objectives! Organized anything for that matter! You can see the cards I use here at Jason's Online Classroom and they are just P.E.R.F.E.C.T! I love the graphics he used to help students comprehend the objective! I also have Megan Newman's Third Grade Essential Standards for Science and Social Studies! You can find those here


Above is my WWW board! This is where I will display various tasks students are learning in Technology class and some websites they can visit. I am very excited that my class is going to have access to their very own gmail accounts this year! So, I just might post their class email addresses here so that they can send emails about what they are learning to eachother! (No worries ... ALL emails are monitored and copied directly to me!)

On the first day of school I will be adding pictures to my birthday board! I love personalizing this with their pictures! It helps students to meet a new friend who has a birthday that is close to theirs!


Here you see my teacher station complete with write on wipe off calendar cards! Find those in my TpT store for FREE! Along with a few other items!

Below is my Twitter wall ... great for lesson exit cards! I found really cute Twitter style exit cards as a freebie somewhere but can't seem to locate them again!! (I'll add those in when they turn up!)

Next is my homework turn in station! I love how easy it is to see who did not turn in their homework! Also, notice the different colored numbers ... I did this to help differentiation between my high ability students and my "gen. ed" students (I don't like referring to them like that but I have yet to think of a new term ... just for the record I don't call them HA and Gen Ed in class they are the Chameleons and the Otters!). I often give different assignments and this helps me to know who should have turned in what!

Finally, below is the skeleton of my data wall! On the first day of school we will add our classroom rules, math facts graph, spelling/vocabulary graph, and possibly fluency charts too! The "Our Classroom News" pocket chart is used to hold our weekly newsletter and an updated AR points list! Then the final two pockets are for any special events coming up!

One last picture! My cursive alphabet banner! Get it for FREE here! (Be sure to leave me some feedback!) I LOVE this new product! And I am in LOVE with my new color scheme! Much of it was inspired by free digital papers I picked up from SheryKDesigns and Ashley Hughes! Thank you Shery and Ashley!

If you are interested in my classroom decor 'style' visit my TpT store! You just might find a few FREEBIES! (I am also up for customizing my pennant flags with your color scheme if you would like!)

Soon you will see my new blog design I've been working on it with Entwine Design! (It's nice to have a graphic designer as a boyfriend! Thanks Jason! You ROCK!) If you are interested in redesigning your blog let me know and I will refer you!

Now, off to get working on that ... oh yeah ... curriculum! School starts TOMORROW! Ahh!