Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time Flies

With only 10 day of school left, I am beginning to make my summer plans and to do lists. I remember back to  the start of this school year, 170 school days ago, and think about the crazy ambitions I had with blogging and my classroom. Now here I am, writing my first post with only 10 days left in the year. Where did time go? And what happened that I didn't get this going sooner? We all know the answer to that ... something more important came up ... my students needs, the dreaded RISE, and those household chores I often neglected!

I love my job and have truly enjoyed the new adventures teaching a high ability class has allowed me to explore. I have even enjoyed the challenge of having a cluster group! (Shhh ... That's a secret between us!)

This summer I will share with you the things I learned along the way, many activities I incorporated into my curriculum, and the plans I have for the future within my high ability classroom and career!